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This homepage introduces my life and work to Norwegian readers.  An English translation is added in case anybody who do not read Norwegian should be interested (e-mail: or

I am a Catholic priest - Dominican - born in Bergen, presently at Voss (outside Bergen).  Besides being chaplain I am a scholar and organist/composer.  I have published 16 books.  I am a freelance concerting organist at the moment.  I love big dogs and live with a Newfoundland with the appropriate name of Wolf.

I was trained a classicist, from Bergen and Oslo.  I studied theology at Oxford (Blackfriars and St. John’s College) and specialised in Scripture and Patrology.  Was assistent professor at the Faculty of theology in Oslo, and professor in New Testament Studies at The Pontifical University San Tommaso in Urbe (Angelicum) at Rome.

My theological books can be divided into two groups: biblical and patristic theology - general theology.
         The biblical studies include: a theology of the Old testament, a theology of the New testament, Life and Times of Jesus, Two martyrbishops (Ignatius of Antioch and Polycarp of Smyrna), The first Christians in Rome, St. Paul in Greece.  New titles are being prepared for publication (two more books on Paul, two on St. John the Divine).
         The general theology include: On the divine Revelation, On modern Church- fathers, On the Catholic interpretation of Christianity, A Theology for the Third Millennium.  Other titles are being prepared for pbublication.

My literary output include a collection of novelettas, four novels and a collection of Father Brown stories.  Other titles are being prepared.

My music lists 30 opera so far.         
         These are mainly organ-works, but also some piano-music, and songs.  Liturgical music include 75 Psalms of David.  I am a postmodern composer in the sense that I use all styles: classical - romantic - modern.  The most original are the Organ-masses over Gregorian plainchant Masses.

Recordings of my music can be played and downloaded here.

Aage Olav Johannes Kristoffer Leonard Lund Hauken.

Born in Bergen 02.09.1947

Finnesveien 55
5700 VOSS

56 51 19 64
92 88 30 39



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